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Can you draw a tattoo design for me?​

First thing first , the concept or idea of what someone wants on their skins forever should be their own. Then to bring those ideas on paper is my job and I love creating custom special design for each of my client. People can come down to the shop I work to share their ideas and talk in person or just can contact me through social media.

Where should I place my new tattoo?

Sometimes people have their own vision on where they want to place the tattoo, which is good. But sticking very strongly on one only placement can sometimes go wrong. Every tattoo design should flow and fit nicely with the body part that it is going to be placed on. Therefore, the charge for the placement should be more on the artist’s perspective.

So, how much does a tattoo design cost?

It all depends on the design details, colors or black and grey and what size we are talking about.

My set up price is 600 DK and goes higher according to design details etc.

She is so talented

Mark Uldbjerg Nielsen:

"​I get a tattoo made by Navi "she is so talented" and she makes the most amazing designs "i can only say she gonne make all my tattoos now" i recommend her to anyone who wants to have a tattoo"

Maya Lund:

"​Jeg var nede og blive tatoveret af Navi - Og jeg er fuldt ud tilfreds. På trods af at jeg var møg nervøs for at skulle have lavet en underboob, blev jeg helt rolig i hendes selskab! Super skøn kvinde, og så sød at snakke med. Det er ihvertfald ikke sidste gang, at jeg kommer hos jer."

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